I’m not the sort of person you would prefer to have around in a crisis. For one thing, trying to think quickly under pressure generally kicks me into shutdown mode and for another, I tend to run from anyone over the age of 10 that starts crying. I’m pretty much the worst communicator ever and if the fate of the world rested on me returning emails and phone calls on time (because that sounds plausible), we’d all be reduced to a pile of smoldering rubble. I’ve been known to inadvertently kill plants and fish, and I’m usually not the sort of person you might want in charge of plans, responsible adult-y things, or sharp knives. There are so many things I’m not.

I am, however, hyper-aware of potential socially awkward situations, and I never let one pass by unnoticed. I have the maturity and sense of humor of a fourth-grader but with way better material. I never miss a chance to ridicule a friend without mercy, because what are friends for if not to embarrass you beyond all expectations. I’m a full-fledged book nerd. I’ve got two nephews and two nieces that I love so much it hurts my heart and I’ve managed not to maim or seriously injure any of them so my sisters still let me hang around them. I can’t bring myself to join facebook because I can’t stand the thought of people knowing everything I’m doing and whether I’m feeling :), :(, or constipated that day, but I’m on twitter and I just started a freaking blog, so make of that what you will. I’m consistently inconsistent (also known as female) and inappropriately appropriate. Because who doesn’t need a little more social awkwardness in their day?