I’m not sure who started it.

Well, actually, it was probably me, because it seems like most of the annoying habits practiced in this house get started by yours truly.

But anyway.

It has become sort of a thing around here to converse in jingles or catchy rhythms from commercials. Sometimes it’s a snippet from a song or some other little melody, but mostly it’s commercial jingles, because they’re so annoyingly catchy. You could walk around in our house for an entire day and hear pretty much everything we have to say to each other sung to the tune of either “Activi-aaaah!” or “Cri-stah-al Liiiiight!”

Clearly, we don’t get out much.

Lately the Allstate commercial has been getting some play. So it was no surprise when the boyfriend bounded up the stairs yesterday to distract me from my work, which has become one of his new favorite things to do since watching curling lost its appeal about 10 seconds in.

He’s all smiles, as he always is when he’s about to do something he knows I won’t like. He wanders around the office for a bit, slides his cold hands up my shirt, and then breaks into song.

“Breaking up is ha-ah-ard too-ooo-oo do!”

Hands drop. He’s suddenly serious, giving me his most deadpan expression.

“Get out.”

He laughs.

“Actually, that was pretty easy.”